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This page provides parents with pediatric eye care information on their children's vision care or eye care needs with respect to special needs
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Vision Therapy Success Stories

Welcome to this general catalog of Vision Therapy Success Stories. These stories have been collected from all over the United States thanks to submissions from our member doctors or through our extensive network of public web sites.

Browse through this collection to read what many patients, teachers, and parents have written when asked "What changes have you seen as a result of a Vision Therapy program" or "How has Vision Therapy changed your life?"

Vision Therapy helps people with a wide range of problems. Read all about...

Achievement in School


Blurry Vision, Eyestrain

Double Vision

Crossed Eyes, Lazy Eye
Improved Reading

Success with Sports

Surgery or Therapy?

No More Headaches!

About Success Stories
Here at children-special-needs.org we hear from many adults who have been told as children and/or as adults -- that their lack of binocular depth perception was permanent and untreatable and that they would have to learn to live without binocular vision.

Fortunately, many of these individuals have gone on to develop normal vision and binocular depth perception by seeking out alternative vision care services and undertaking supervised programs of "Vision Therapy" (also known as visual training, visual therapy, vision training, or optometric Vision Therapy). For this reason, children-special-needs.org strongly recommends that any person with a binocular vision problem be evaluated by a licensed vision care professional who does offers Vision Therapy. Some eye care professionals may not inform you of this treatment option.

To locate an eye doctor who provides comprehensive pediatric vision examinations and treatment, including Vision Therapy, request a referral through our Referral Directory: Find a Pediatric Eye Doctor.

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