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This page provides parents with pediatric eye care information on their children's vision care or eye care needs with respect to special needs
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Referral Directory: Find a Pediatric Eye Doctor - U.S. & Canada

Welcome! To search for an eye doctor in your area, submit your free referral request form below. This is NOT a membership or registration form and we do NOT sell, lease, or otherwise market your personal data. See Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy.

FIND A DOCTOR gives immediate free referrals via the internet only. To make an appointment or ask questions, contact the selected doctor's office directly.

Eye doctors listed in this directory provide Optometric Vision Therapy and/or Pediatric Eye Care (many are Board Certified in Vision Therapy).

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Optional: Please tell us more about your search for vision care help. Background information can be voluntarily added below. This helps us to better serve the public. Thank you.
Requesting referral for:
This person has already been diagnosed with (check one or more):
Amblyopia (lazy eye)
A.D.D. or AD/HD
Autism spectrum disorder
Color vision problem
Convergence insufficiency
Depth perception Problem
Developmental delays
Double vision
Esotropia (inward eye turn)
Exotropia (outward eye turn)
Eye teaming problems
Eye tracking problems
Hyperopia (farsightedness)
Hyperphoria (vertical deviation)
Myopia (nearsightedness)
Poor depth perception
Presbyopia (over 40)
Reading problems
Has this person undergone surgery for a binocular vision impairment: lazy eye, crossed eyes, wandering eyes, eye turns, double vision, strabismus, esotropia or exotropia, etc.?
No   Yes

...if Yes:
How many surgeries?
In your opinion, did this individual's vision improve as a result of the surgery(ies)?
Additional comments on visual history or condition:
Is this person currently under the care of an eye doctor?
No   Yes

Name of current vision care provider:

Does this provider offer in-office vision therapy?
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Additional comments on current vision care:

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