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Binocular vision impairments affect at least 12 out every 100 children.

Early detection and treatment is vital.
Consult the Parent's Checklist below and look for early signs of vision impairments such as Amblyopia, Lazy Eye, Strabismus or Double Vision, strabismus (esotropia, esophoria, exotropia, "wandering-eye", "crossed-eyes", wall eyes", alternating esotropia, intermittent exotropia, exophoria), double vision, poor visual coordination, convergence insufficiency, accommodation problems (i.e., accommodative esotropia) and more.
PLEASE NOTE: The information contained herein is intended to be educational and is not intended in any way as a substitute for medical advice and care from qualified vision care providers -- the reader is advised to consult a vision care professional in matters relating to visual health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention -- See the Directory of Vision Care Providers.
A Parent's Checklist
Look for these signs and symptoms
If you check off several items on the following checklist, consider taking your child for a thorough vision examination that includes the testing of the following visual skills:

You observe the following behavior in your child:
While reading or doing close work your child:
Your child frequently complains of:
Say no more. If your child reports seeing double, please take your child for a binocular vision evaluation immediately. You are invited to request a free referral at the Directory of Vision Care Providers.
Catch Visual Problems Early!
Early detection of visual problems greatly increases the chances of successful rehabilitation. Children should be examined by an eye doctor during infancy and preschool years to detect potential problems with binocular vision. This is particularly important if any member of the family has had ambylopia or strabismus. Testing of binocular teaming skills should be a part of every child's comprehensive eye examination.
A second opinion is warranted when your eye doctor:
In the above cases, parents are advised to consult an eye doctor who offers comprehensive functional eye examinations supervised Vision Therapy to children, particularly a behavioral optometrist. You are invited to request a free referral at the Directory of Vision Care Providers.
Learn which visual skills are to be tested as part of a complete pediatric eye exam.

To locate an eye doctor who provides comprehensive pediatric vision examinations and treatment, including Vision Therapy, request a referral through our Referral Directory: Find a Pediatric Eye Doctor.

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