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Vision Therapy Success Stories

RE: Visual Therapy
by Mrs. Robyn Hall

Below is a thank-you letter sent to an eye doctor who provides Optometric Visual Therapy or Visual Training. Mrs. Hall writes this about her son, Peter, and his FORMER reading difficulties which were greatly diminished following successful completion of a supervised program of Optometric Visual Therapy.
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Dear Dr.,

I am writing to thank you all at your office. Visual therapy has been a major blessing in this house. My son, Peter, has benefited so much from it. His life has turned on to a path of ability, achievement and potential. this path and these destinations were not open to him prior to visual therapy. Peter's willingness to try has come alive, because he now knows he can do so much!

Peter's grades and achievements in school have gone up, up, up. His rough days and poor grades are not as severe and come further apart. We are thrilled with this direction. Peter now asks us to read not only to him, but with him, and wants to leave the light on at night to read.

He no longer says, "I can't," "I don't want to," "I'm stupid," "I'll never learn," "It's too hard," "I'm an idiot," or "I'm a retard." Peter now says, when a difficult assignment comes up, "Ahhh, I don't understand!" This allows me to explain again.

My son no longer throws his papers in the trash, or tears them up into little pieces. It takes him about 5-10 minutes to do his homework paper, instead of 30-60 minutes. He can write much more clearly, and his reversals are continually on the decrease.

In the last two months, Peter has discovered he can draw and color . . . and that it is fun! One of his favorite activities to to make up his own mazes. Enclosed is a copy of one . . . good luck. (Maze not included in this Web posting.)

Visual therapy has changed our son's attitude on life and himself. Peter Hall now has an optimistic approach to life. What a gift we have received at the end of the road you have sent him on. He is a beautiful, wonderful child, unfolding before our eyes. Thank you for the vital role you have played in his life.

Robyn Hall

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