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Vision Therapy Success Stories

Success with Sports
Mother's Story of her son's improvements in reading, writing and sports thanks to Vision Therapy by Mrs. Boxer
"Before Vision Therapy, Dustin hated any activity that dealt with a ball. Now Dusty can't get enough of ball games. You would think that he was getting the salary of a professional ball player, the way he dives for it."
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I'm seeing better when I play sports. In basketball, I shoot better, and in baseball, I hit and catch better.
Nick McNerney
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Erica hated playing sports in gym. She couldn't hit the ball that was thrown to her and the kids would tease her about it. She was losing self-confidence and not enjoying school because of the teasing. Now we understand the reason for this. Vision Therapy is helping to correct her eye problem. It's so important for your eyes to work together properly or you shortchange yourself in many ways.
Erica Martin's Parents
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In softball, I make contact with the ball just about every time at bat! It is also easier to see smaller writing with my right eye. I think Vision Therapy is a great way to improve eyesight and teach eyes to work together. This program should continue. I would like to say thanks to everyone who has worked with me during my therapy.
Ashley Benceko
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Simon's coordination is much better. We are continuing to overcome fine-motor problems.
Simon Toffell's Parents

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