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Vision Therapy Success Stories

Crossed Eyes, Eye Turns, Lazy Eye
Lazy Eye, Vision Therapy & Depth Perception by Rachel Cooper
This woman was diagnosed with a "lazy eye" after the age of seven and told that it was "too late" to recover binocular vision. As an adult, she discovered Vision Therapy and, as a result, successfully developed normal binocular depth perception and stereoscopic vision.
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Binocular Vision Therapy Does Work! by Jerald Udinsky
"Vision Therapy has immediate and worthwhile effects...For over fifteen years I went from Ophthalmologist to Optometrist, and they all discounted binocular Vision Therapy as being too much trouble, too costly, or too frustrating." He now advises readers to "find out for yourself".
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Lindsey no longer complains about headaches. The therapy also taught her how to pull her eyes together when she saw double. Her left eyelid does not "droop" as much. Lindsey also was successful in eliminating reversals in numbers and letters. This was a significant accomplishment for her. The changes in her prescription also had a major impact on her vision. I must admit that I was skeptical about the Vision Therapy and what its benefits would be. I'm pleased with the progress Lindsey made over the three months of therapy. Thank you.
Lindsey B's Parents
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Ariel sees better and is starting to read. Her eye does not turn in as much as it did.
Wendy Sheridan, Ariel's Mother
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Better 3-D vision.
Al Fendle
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Brian's eyes now track in the same direction when he is wearing his glasses.
Brian Glanzberg's Parents
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Vision Therapy has strengthened my left eye so that it is better able to do the work it must do.
Diane B.
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My eyes now work together and they focus together more quickly. My right eye was also strengthened. Vision Therapy has greatly improved my vision.
Bryan Misura
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Julieanne is able to see clearly at a distance. She can now see well from the back of the classroom. Her eyes seem to be more equal in strength now. She has fewer reversals in her numbers and letters.
Wendy Fontano, Julieanne's Mother
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I was a bit doubtful of Vision Therapy until I saw the change myself in Jessica's drifting eye and her schoolwork. Jessica's grades have all gone up at least one grade. She enjoys reading now and doesn't dread it. As a matter of fact, she reads to her little sister all the time.
Tracey Marcoux, Jessica's Mother
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Lauren doesn't complain as much and she knows how to control her eyes better.
Lauren Bracco's Parents
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I am very happy with the professional care and sensitivity to my eye condition that I found with Dr. X (Member -- Find a Doctor).. A series of visits to other optometrists, ophthalmologists and doctors never seemed to bring me any understanding of or relief from my eye and other problems. I finally found sensitive understanding of my vision problems along with solutions that have worked for me. Without this help and understanding, I'm sure I would not be able to function very well. Vision is so important to a full and happy life. Thanks to Vision Therapy, I am a healthier and happier person.
Matt Panczyk
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I can do my schoolwork without my eye going out. I no longer see double. I don't lose my place in reading. It is not as hard to see the blackboard.
Jessica L. Marcoux
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Her eyes look straight. This after other doctors had doubts about Karina being able to do it.
Karina Singh's Parents
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Eric's able to get both his eyes to work together. He doesn't strain any more when he does school work. We're looking forward to when he returns to school in September. He won't have to struggle through his work any more!
Mr. and Mrs. G. Adams
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I rarely see double any more, and when I do, I am able to clear it up instead of closing one eye. In general, I use both eyes 98% of the time; prior to therapy, I tended to fall back on one-eye use more than I realized.
Gita Sheth
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When my eyes are fatigued, they don't cross as easily as they used to. No more burning/tearing after computer-intensive work.
Christine Roberto
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Giovanni's right eye doesn't turn in any more. He does not have as many headaches.
Heidi S., Giovanni's Mother
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Craig has not shown any indication of "lazy" eye since he has been working with Vision Therapy. Even though he has glasses, he has not needed to use them because his eyes are working as a team, giving him much stronger vision. Craig has always looked forward to his therapy. It's encouraging to know that he finds it enjoyable.
William, Craig's Father
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At Rachel's last reevaluation, she was seeing much better with her left eye (right eye covered) than when she began. Also, both of her eyes were working together much better. These changes have contributed to Rachel's improved disposition.
Rachel Steinbach's Parents
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Todd seems to focus both eyes on an object. Cosmetically, his eyes have improved slightly; they seem to be somewhat straighter, but he is not consistent with practicing at home.
Todd Coletto

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