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Vision Therapy Success Stories

Blurry Vision, Eyestrain
When I read, the text doesn't get blurry any more. My eyes don't get as tired as they used to.
Alysha Cohen
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I no longer get eyestrain. All of my goals were met. Vision Therapy works really well. I am very satisfied! It is a lot of fun, too!
Mike Pantoliano
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I have fewer headaches and eyestrain from working at a computer.
Debbie Bloom
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I no longer have the following problems:
Rickie Gal
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I have no more blurred vision after doing prolonged near tasks. I usually don't lose my place when reading. I don't have eyestrain, headaches, or discomfort when reading or using the computer for long periods of time. My reading skills are better. Copying from the blackboard is no longer difficult. I feel this therapy has helped my reading and work in school.
Caroline McAuliffe
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When Eric is tired while reading, he will use Vision Therapy techniques to ameliorate blurred vision.
Eric Blumenstyk's Parents
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I'm able to control my eyes. For example, when I'm reading and look up, I can control my eyes so things are not blurry.
Julie Davis
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I can read for longer lengths of time without blurred vision and have a decrease in double vision.
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I no longer have as many problems doing close-up work, such as blurred vision and eyestrain, as I had prior to Vision Therapy. Also, I can more easily recognize when my eyes are tired from doing close work, and I remember to relax them.
Sandy Holtz
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I'm able to read better. I no longer get headaches or blurred double vision. I can also go cross-eyed without straining my eyes.
Natalie Mathusek
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I don't seem to have the constant blurred vision that I had in the past, and definitely have less eyestrain and headaches from reading or doing computer work. I can definitely see the difference since I've had Vision Therapy.
Antoinette Saravanos
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I have fewer headaches and have been able to stop most of the blurriness, and I haven't experienced dizziness as often as before.
Sarah Zonenshine
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No more headaches. No more blurred vision, unless I'm very tired. I can read faster. I'm more confident at work because of better reading. I'm generally more relaxed, less frustrated, and less angry because of getting tired at work frequently and feeling inept. I feel I understand more.
Nancy Bryant
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Things don't look blurry any more. I can read much better now. Things have greatly improved! Vision Therapy has helped me a lot.
Elizabeth Smith
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My vision has improved at work, before and after using the computer. I think that I would have gotten more out of Vision Therapy if I had taken more time to do the home exercises, too.
Anil Hingorani

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