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Vision Therapy Success Stories

RE: Behavioral Changes
by Bonni Mantovani

Below is a thank-you letter sent to an eye doctor who provides Optometric Visual Therapy or Visual Training. It reports the positive academic, behavioral and personality differences in her son after undergoing Vision Therapy.
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Dear Dr.,

As you know, my son graduated Vision Therapy last week. It has been an amazing process to see the changes in his attitude and behavior over the past six months since he began the therapy.

I must admit, in the beginning, my husband and I were extremely skeptical about the whole Vision Therapy process. It seemed as though it was a newfangled, hip medical condition that everyone was being diagnosed with. We only signed on because if there were a chance that you were correct in your diagnosis. We owed it to our son to explore that possibility.

When he started the therapy, he was a child who did not take on academic challenges well. We were told he was bright, but his reports from teachers did not mirror that evaluation. There were always reports that he could be performing better. In addition, he had developed a variety of subtle "tics" which were constantly changing, but it was clear that he was not happy in his own skin. At one point, a respected neurologist to whom we had gone diagnosed him with mild "ADD" and suggested putting him on drugs if the issues did not improve.

You must understand that all of these issues were subtle. He was a child that everyone liked. He was not a problem in school. He was not the kind of kid who was obviously troubled or making trouble. He was just not performing to his potential and was internalizing his stress. We took him to see you based on a recommendation from my friend whose child had similar issues and was in Vision Therapy.

About a month into the therapy, we began to see behavioral changes in our son. He was more cooperative at home and in school. Over the next several months, he unilaterally decided to elevate himself into the highest spelling group in his class. He began to get perfect scores and even took on bonus words with enthusiasm. He started to read without complaining and actually started enjoying books. His teacher began telling me that he was raising his hand more and contributing. His math skills improved tremendously, as did his self-esteem.

I could go on and on about all of his personality and academic changes, but I think I have made my point. His last evaluation from his teacher made me cry. It was the first such report we had ever received about him which was totally positive and full of observations about his improved attitude and resultant success in school.

We now have a happier, more cooperative son, whom, I may add, has been tic free for months! Making this decision may have changed his life forever. As a parent, my life has certainly gotten easier. We are all so much happier. Thank you for making his diagnosis. It was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Bonni Mantovani

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