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Vision Therapy Success Stories

RE: Adult Strabismus
by Jerald Udinsky

Below is a success story that was voluntarily submitted by one of our visitors:

When I was first prescribed prism in my glasses (for a deviating eye or strabismus), I was told that Vision Therapy was not worth the effort. That was wrong, incorrect and misleading. Vision Therapy and binocular vision (or stereoscopic vision) exercises and therapy have immediate and worthwhile effects. The benefits take three broad forms:
  1. Less eyestrain if you tend to go cross-eyed or have a lazy eye;
  2. Less habitual use of only one primary eye, allowing both eyes to furnish you more information; and
  3. The beauty and wonder of stereoscopic vision thereby giving you increased enjoyment and perception of both your daily environment and of artistic productions.
With such benefits, I can only conclude that my previous eye doctors' comments against pursuing binocular Vision Therapy were false because they were just based upon rumor and not upon experience.

God gave us two eyes for a reason. Two eyes provide stereoscopic vision, depth perception, and a three-dimensional view of the world. Because of habit, some of us are limited to a two-dimensional world. We habitually see the world in two dimensions, as a flat photograph. We look at a landscape as if it were a photograph, as if it were in two dimensional. We tend not to use both eyes, which yield depth perception, three-dimensional viewing, and stereoscopic vision. Instead we habitually rely upon one primary eye. This is similar to being left or right handed. But this habit, relying upon one eye primarily, can be overcome and has none of the naturalness of being left or right handed. Using both eyes is the natural way, and the beautiful way that God intended for us to see.

For over fifteen years I went from Ophthalmologist to Optometrist, and they all discounted binocular Vision Therapy as being too much trouble, too costly, or too frustrating. My impression now is that they never experienced Vision Therapy or binocular exercises for themselves in order to see what the results would be. If they had personal experience, they would realize that Vision Therapy and exercises have immediate and specific results, which begin at once, and only get better.

In this testimonial, I want to warn you against the discouraging remarks of other eye doctors. Try Vision Therapy for yourself. See for yourself. Find out for yourself whether or not Vision Therapy adds to your life. I believe that you will find, as I have, that binocular vision and the result of a three-dimensional world are well worth the effort.

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